Bollywood reacted over Pulwama attack and IAF Surgical strike

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Bollywood reacted over Pulwama attack and IAF Surgical Strike
- Knowing the current situation of our country after Pulwama terror attack in Jammu & Kashmir where 40 CRPF jawans were killed and many were injured, the people are started worrying the future set of circumstances. From past few days, everyone is talking about Indian soldiers been killed by Jaish-E- Mohammad (JeM) and it is shocking to know that Pakistan in full view of the public is claiming the responsibility of Pulwama terror attack. Showing condemn over the sacrifice of martyrs will do nothing but the revenge will do at least something. Regarding this, Prime Minister planned the surgical attack with IAF and gave a stronger blow to Pakistan. Amidst all these, Bollywood celebrities have come over social media and have shared their feelings about the Pulwama attack and retaliation of the same. Here in this article, we are sharing reactions of Bollywood celebrities over Pulwama attack and IAF's surgical strike.

Reaction of Bollywood celebrities over Pulwama attack

Sonu Nigam - The video of this popular Bollywood singer went viral after the Pulwama attack where he lashed out at so-called “secular Indians.” He shared a short video on Facebook and took a dig at people by saying why are you mourning over the death of CRPF jawans? Be it 40 or 440, do not grieve for them and do what secular Indians do. Fight over religion and talk about politics because this is what should be the matter of concern in secular India.

Ayushman Khurrana - On the day when this horrendous incident took place, the very famous actor and roadies winner Ayushman Khurrana jotted down a heartbroken poem for the soldiers of our country saluting their sacrifice for their country and standing with courage on the border no matter what. His poem reads as -
Jahnvi Kapoor - Dhadak movie fame actress took to Instagram where she slammed the article published in the newspaper written: "Occupied Kashmir fights back." Criticizing the article, she wrote that there are many reasons to be angry on, however, the one thing that disturbed her a lot is the propagandist article celebrating the terrorist attack as a fight for freedom. Such a tragic and condemnable act is being distorted by media by publishing such wrong headlines only to gain some political views. At the end, she just said – “Let's pray for the souls of our brave men and for the strength of their families."

Navjot Singh Sidhu - The cricketer cum politician faced lots of criticism after his interaction with media about the Pulwama terror attack. He made the statement – “Nations cannot be held responsible for the shameful acts of terrorists. Good, bad and ugly people are out there. The ugly needs to be punished but not others." This statement made social media flooded with slams and condemn which results in Navjot Singh Sidhu leaving the popular Sony TV’s "The Kapil Sharma Show."

Reaction of Bollywood over IAF’s Surgical Strike

Akshay Kumar - Kesari movie actor Akshay Kumar is the man from Bollywood who always stands for the soldiers and not because he is the son of a soldier but because he sees the country as a responsible citizen. He too mourned over the martyrs of soldiers who were killed in Pulwama attack and when he got to know about IAF Surgical strike, he said – “I am proud of Indian Air Force for destroying terror camps. Enter their territory and hit them. Quiet no more with #IndiaStrikesBack.”

Salman Khan - The star of Bollywood and the most 100 crores club movie man showed respect and saluted the Indian Air Force (IAF). He is too happy with the movement been taken against the Pulwama terror attack by Indian Air Force forming Surgical Strike. He wrote on twitter - "Respect Indian Air Force... Jai ho !!!"

Abhinay Deo - The director of movies like "Delhi Belly" and "Blackmail" wrote – “For the first time, we have entered a phase where we as a country will not take terror lying down. He added a strike that has hit the heart of terror. I salute our forces and their unbelievable courage. Proud of their valour."

What is Pulwama Terror Attack?

On 21 February 2019, the vehicles of Central Reserve Police Forces (CRPF) was attacked by the suicide bomber of Jaish-E-Mohammad (JeM) Adil Ahmad Dhar. This man forcefully hit his car carrying the explosive load into the bus of CRPF jawans which took the life of 40 Indian soldiers and many were badly injured. Pulwama attack is one of the cruel some attack in the history of attacks been performed over security forces. After this attack, Prime minister Narender Modi warned Pakistan by saying that they are not going to sit quietly this time. This is new India and we know what to do. On Tuesday, IAF’s Mirage 2000 fighter jet destroyed the Jaish-E-Mohammad terror camp and shook the revenge of our martyred soldiers and Prime Minister Narender Modi is proud of Indian Air Force.

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