Total Dhamaal Movie Review - Monotonous parody of own first instalment

We know that Dhamaal movie is a copy of IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD. Walking on the same lane and following the plot of his own movie, Inder Kumar has written something which is out beyond the ideas of right doing. And I don't know where he will meet you guys so that he can answer why Total Dhamaal.

Total Dhamaal Movie Review starring Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit
Total Dhamaal Movie

Total Dhamaal Movie Review - The third instalment of Dhamaal is in theatres now and the reactions of the critics and public have been taken down. A multi starrer movie with bigwig names like Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor, and Madhuri Dixit was in limelight since its production. The star cast of the movie is almost the same with some changes. Inder Kumar, the director of the movie, is well known for his movies like Mann, Masti, Beta, and the laugh riot Dhamaal. The first instalment of the movie is a souvenir in the list of the best comedy movies whereas the second instalment “Double Dhamaal” did not do wonder at the box office and was a flop. Now the third franchise “Total Dhamaal” has come. Along with the release of the trailer, many of us have deduced that the story of the Total Dhamaal is similar to the first franchise with some modification. Here on this post, I am going to write my review of Total Dhamaal movie and we will see how this treasure hunt movie appears. Is it a laugh riot and make us giggle as the first part did or it falls flat? Let’s see

Total Dhamaal Movie Review – Story

The story of the Total Dhamaal movie is as exactly as the first instalment of the movie. A dying man reveals about hidden treasure of 50 crores in a zoo under OK. Here the OK has just been replaced with a big W. Nothing else. Everything remains the same. Now again, the race among greedy characters starts in the urge to reach first and discover the riches on its own to have it all. This chase includes twists, revenge, betrayal, crack gag and what not. In the earlier instalments of Dhamaal movie, Sanjay Dutt has played the role of bad guy which in this movie is replaced by Boman Irani. He is the new baddy of the Dhamaal town. To find out who reaches to the treasure, who gets the prize and what happens further, you have to watch the Total Dhamaal movie.

Total Dhamaal Movie Review – Acting

If I talk about the acting of the stars, Madhuri Dixit rises like the sun and she alone brilliantly carries on making you laugh with her great comic timings. Anil Kapoor at some point is successful to giggle you not by his dialogues but seeking the help of his expressions. The comradeship between Arshad Warsi and Javed Jaffrey have already been seen in the former movie and they have nothing original and innovative to offer. They fight and Javed Jaffrey as Manav carries out childish and brainless acts but it does not make you burst into laughter because they are everything we have already seen in the first and second franchise of the Dhamaal movie. Ritesh Deshmukh as Lallan is a remarkable character and delivers impeccable punches. His helicopter scene with Johny Lever is one of the best scenes of the movie. Sanjay Mishra Johny Lever and Boman Irani fit perfectly in their role. Even so, Boman Irani’s character gives little bit shade of King’s character from movie Dilwale starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol

The biggest disappointment herein Total Dhamaal movie comes from Ajay Devgn who fails to dissolve the audience into laughter. Ajay Devgn's character in Total Dhamaal is the lamest character of the entire movie and his dialogues are very mediocre. He does not make you laugh, not fun-loving and moreover make you feel ugh!!! with his forceful laughter punches. We have seen a much better version of comic Ajay in Golmaal and All the best. This is not what we expected from Ajay Devgn.

Total Dhamaal Movie Review
A still from Total Dhamaal Movie

Total Dhamaal Movie Review – Final Verdict

The trailer of the movie did not tickle me any funny bones and I was not very much impressed after watching it. Rather I was annoyed to see the plagiarism of own movie. Still, I turned to the theatre and was expecting the movie to be good but trust me, this movie is a complete fiasco. I mean what Inder Kumar would have thought while writing the story of the movie. Perhaps earning 100+ crores with the same cliche plot. But the audience has become smarter than they early were. We know that Dhamaal movie is a copy of IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD. Walking on the same lane and following the plot of his own movie, Inder Kumar has written something which is out beyond the ideas of right doing. And I don't know where he will meet you guys so that he can answer why Total Dhamaal. You can say this one a parody of its own good version. 

As per the trailer of the Total Dhamaal, it can be deduced that it would be another fun journey of chasing the treasure of 50 crores as similar to the first franchise of the movie. But what I did not know was he would exactly copy the entire movie and even dialogues at some point. Dialogues like Hum wo paise lekar hi chodenge, lelenge to chodenge kyu is something that shows lack of creativity.  Talking about the graphics of the movie, it is exceptional at some places however at some, it appears like a crappy low-quality graphics. The screenplay of the movie Total Dhamaal is also predictable. It would have been a roller coaster ride of great laugh riot but Inder Kumar just missed out this time to create another masterpiece like the first franchise. The poor piece of writing and direction snatched the chance.

According to me, Total Dhamaal movie is not a joy ride which you can enjoy watching so instead I will suggest you ignore this one and watch Dhamaal instead. I give this movie 2/5 stars and my IMDB ratings would be 5.5/10.

Rating – 2/5

IMDB Rating – 5.5/10

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